Long-distance evaluation of X flagship version of dayun chisel (part one)

As a model of ADV style motorcycle which positioned at leisure and entertainment travelling, whether the flagship version of chisel X is really qualified for long-distance pull training, whether it has the cost performance, is the most demanded to reveal to everyone.


So, taking advantage of the heat and high temperature, I decided to go hiking with the flagship version of chisel X, while "touring the mountains and waters", by the way to test the various indicators during the motorcycle journey.


Planning 6-7 days to start from Jingzhou, Hubei province, enter Zhangjiajie, Hunan province along national highway 207, and then return to Hubei province across the province from Zhangjiajie.Then in Hubei province in Enshi and Changyang mountains in the pressure of 1800 curves, finally return to the starting point. The whole journey covers more than 1,200 kilometers, including highways, national highways, mountain roads and various complex road environments. I hope this trip can not only prevent heat and cool down, but also give you a real feedback on the comprehensive performance of the flagship X chisel.



(jingzhou, hubei -- wulingyuan, zhangjiajie, hunan)

As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm, but the friends who know prawns all know that when it comes to going out, prawns are "the best in the world".

Since I had been fully prepared for the trip the day before, it was not easy to get the car started at 8:30 in the morning.

Double 16L full-size aluminum side box can indeed carry a lot of "belongings". According to my travel habits, if I do not place the clothes and helmet, the long-distance motorcycle travel is basically enough.You can also add a large tail box and oil tank bag, that will be a long distance without worry.

The flagship version of sky chisel X comes with two charging ports, which are very practical devices for long-distance running.In this motorcycle trip, I chose to attach GPS to the mobile phone bracket and charge it through the USB port on the bracket to ensure that GPS is "online" at all times.At the same time, the USB port of the on-board sound equipment is used to charge the driving data recorder (as the coyote).

Although the so-called 1080P imaging quality is very mediocre, as an emergency record, it is completely enough.

Note: it's yellow, not green!

Of course, the equipment and peripheral equipment are used to icing on the cake, riding quality and safety and comfort is the king.

During the dynamic test, the power of the X flagship version of the day chisel did not surprise me. The displacement of 200cc single cylinder air oil is cold, and the maximum power of 10.5kw can only be evaluated with the "normal moment".Therefore, I do not have much expectation for its power output performance on the road to be honest. As long as it can ride steadily, maintain consistent power tonality, and reduce vibration and heat attenuation, I will be faithful to my duty.

In order to test the performance of power, I decided to ride on the highway first.The best way to get out of a crowded, hot city is to run far on the highway

Leave home the freeway intersections with nearest home, still cannot pass normally, here also is whole hubei province few the freeway intersections that does not let motorbike pass.Well, it was the motorcycle.

Several years ago, a motorcycle brake caused the bus to fall off the bridge, resulting in major casualties.Since then, the jingzhou Yangtze river bridge, which connects the two sides of the Yangtze river at high speed, has been closed to motorbikes.

For example, I can choose to take a detour, enter the highway at the north or east intersection of the city, and then take a detour back to the G55 highway across the river, so that I can still cross the bridge.

So I did.

Gangnam style, here I come...

Bridge in the past 150 miles, you can see the legendary xiang sister ~

However, this is enough to give the sky chisel X an objective evaluation of high-speed cruise.

If you want to compare with the larger displacement model, the day chisel X flagship edition obviously cannot give you the satisfaction on the absolute speed.On the highway, when the accelerator goes to the bottom, the highest speed recorded by the meter is 124km/h.Basically, at full throttle, the actual speed should be about 110km/h, which is enough.

The key is, the day chisel X has a good stability, high speed running, the body of the car is stable, vibration is controllable, long time riding will not be too tired.Add comfortable sitting position, long distance dash forward or good choice.

But its actual performance made me sit up and take notice, at least in the continuous 30 kilometers of highway section, I almost always with full throttle in the march, day chisel X did not appear any shouldn't have the situation.Windshield, side box, are very stable, there is no resonance;Frame, suspension, solid and stable performance, not loose not collapse.

Therefore, like many other car users, I really hope that big luck can launch a larger displacement model on the basis of this car, so as to meet the needs of car users in need of higher power.

Then again, you don't have to be a one-track mind to ride a bike, and you can't wring your way through it.Its greatest charm lies in the sights and people it meets on the road.

For example, pigs at 100km/h

For example, the city rarely seen blue sky and white clouds, vast wilderness, and stars fall lake

And of course, friendly people

Hubei's high speed walked very quickly, although the day chisel X flagship edition could not let me fly, but the mood is quite happy.

However, hunan's high-speed, the face is really a different picture.As the motorcycle investigation before, hunan high speed motorcycle is not allowed to pass!

So, after entering hunan, I was forced to turn around and return to hubei, and then from the national highway into hunan...

Another freeway entrance, another attempt to get in.

After that, I did not attempt to enter the expressway in hunan.I am happy to accept the national road riding, but I will not voluntarily give up the right to the high speed.Sometimes I will argue, and sometimes I will smile, in a word, look at the mood, too serious really quite tired is not.

Fortunately, I soon forgot the unhappy, because a good motorcycle trip is waiting for me, don't disappoint the time on the road!

The speed is 90km/h, running towards the blue sky and white clouds ~

At noon, we arrived at xinguan town, shimen county, changde.Outside temperature as high as 38 ℃, day chisel X without overheating, neither did I.This should be the basic quality that locomotive and locomotive person should have.

The green bean gruel that inn inn free serves is really relieve summer heat top grade, can encounter cannot beg.

After lunch, we took a break and continued our journey in the hot sun.I know, the mountain road is in front of us, there will be some shade trees, cool will be some, do not stop, the front is always looking forward to.

Sure enough, soon after we set off again, the endless mountain road opened its "mind" to us.And I, without turning back, threw myself at it...

Love the mountains. They always inspire awe

Love mo travel, because there is always unknown beauty in inadvertently appear

Of course, I know that this is only the beginning of our mountain road assessment, will be conducted in a more challenging environment.

Evening, the smooth arrival of zhangjiajie city wulingyuan city.

The mileage of that day is 338.6km, and the fuel consumption is less than 2/3 scale, which seems to be quite economical.



According to the plan, the second day belongs to the adjustment period, and there is no specific goal, just riding at random in zhangjiajie territory, enjoy the natural tranquility of the mountains.

Motorcycle travel + self-cultivation, the most is to enjoy

Since recreational, eliminate the equipment such as heavy and complicated car outfit simply, a suit of the simplest outfit goes on stage, end however relaxed and comfortable.

The unknown path became the focus of our exploration

Chisel X can take me to more good places

Indulge in the mountains and rivers, when the hard motorcycle trip is the best reward

Day chisel X flagship version of good performance, light control ability, so that riding becomes easy and comfortable.At the moment, I don't care whether it has more surging power, higher specifications, I just need a motorcycle, a motorcycle that can make the time on the road interesting.

That's all!

Facing the golden sunset, I thank myself for riding a motorcycle freely

Wave your hand to your fellow riders and thank you that you are not alone

It's a nice day, isn't it?

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